Bill Kowaleski
Owner / Operator
Bill has been working in the food service industry since he was a teenager. He assisted his father in the family catering business, as well as working for a small independent grocery store mastering how to cut meat and he became a butcher by trade. For several years, Bill has worked at East Center Market for two previous owners. Bill purchased East Center Street Market Place in November 2006.

East Center Market has been a fixture on Center Street in Wallingford for decades. Originated in the 1950's as "Eastside Market", the store has changed ownership over the past several years, but one thing still stands, the owners have always maintained the same goal as the next; to provide their customers with High Quality customer service, as well as excellent meats, deli, and fresh produce.

East Center Market caters to their customers, providing special orders for various cuts of meat, Holiday turkeys as well as customized vegetable and sandwich platters. East Center Market delivers grocery orders and will gladly help out "Freezer Orders", which is a great deal for those who like to plan ahead and fill their freezers with East Center Street Market Place's finest cuts of meat.
Contact Bill Sr. for any freezer order details at 203-269-5926. We also offer catering services for any event. Visit our catering page for more details.